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Mar. 2nd, 2012

Fuinnfiction Master List

[LAST EDITED March 2, 2012 ]

[The titles are links to the stories.]

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"Hope love and Forgiveness Trilogy" 

Title: There’s always hope
Pairing: Finn/Quinn
Word Count: 1,385
Summary: Hope that's all she needed it's all she really wanted just the little hope that maybe in the future that there would be just a chance. A chance for her and the one guy she loved might get back what she helped lose.
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Title: Finding the answers to love again
Pairing: Finn/Quinn
Word Count: 2908
Summary: And there it was in a diner outside of Lima, Ohio that two former lovers started to reconnect. Even after all the pain that they caused one another there they sat laughing like nothing had happened between them.
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Title: Finding What's lost
Pairing: Finn/Quinn, Santana/Brittany,  Mike/Tina<--Only pairings as of right now, subject to change
Characters: Finn Hudson, Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez,   Brittany Pierce, any many more.
Word Count: 1,670
Chapters: {1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}
Summary: After Ten years things get turned upside down when she returns.
Also on: Live Journal {1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}




Rachel didn’t know everything but she knew enough to put the puzzle together, and now that she knew it all added up, the hidden glances, the numerous phone calls between friends, the many trips home to see family. Her boyfriend was cheating on her, with who she wasn’t sure but she had an idea of who it was.  As she sits here on the train to Connecticut she really wonders why she didn’t see the signs in the first place its not like they weren’t right in front of her face the whole time. But yet here she was finally putting the pieces together after three years. She wishes that it was other events that had transpired in order for her to come this understanding,  finding out Finn was hurt shouldn’t have been what started her on this journey and for the most part it wouldn’t have been if Carole hadn’t said that someone need to contact Quinn to let her know too. But there it was the tipping point that set off the events that led Rachel to board a train bound for New Haven instead of a flight to Germany to see Finn. Why she was going there instead, she wasn’t so sure of yet the standing theory she had was to tell Quinn to back the hell up.

Once the train pulls into the station two hours later she’s come to the conclusion that she’s here to tell Quinn to back off at least that what she thinks she decided to do. She nods in silent approval of this plan as the cab pulls up to Quinn’s apartment building. After paying the cab driver she makes her way into the building taking her time as to come up with the speech she’ll tell Quinn before she leaves to head to Germany. The speech for the most part is made up as she knocks on the door only for it to leave her mind as Quinn opens the door. Rachel thinks Quinn is being subtle as she pulls the baggy shirt she’s wearing down more over her slightly slender frame, at first she thinks nothing of it however once Quinn has ushered her in and has started to make tea for them she notices it. At first once she’s taken a good look at her she thinks Quinn has just gained some weight which is noting new a lot of college students gain weight at least that’s what she tells herself. But that idea is thrown out the window when Quinn reaches up too pull two mugs down out of the cabinet and her shirt rises up just enough to alert Rachel to the barely noticeably bump. Its not truly confirmed that Quinn is pregnant until Rachel excuses herself to the bathroom in which she finds the pre-natal vitamins in the medicine cabinet  in her attempt to find something for her growing headache. Its then that she decides that she has to make a decision on what’s she’s going to do. Leaving the bathroom she notices that Quinn in no longer in the kitchen nor in the living room. Quickly she pulls the pad of paper that’s on the counter closer to quickly write down short note telling Quinn that Finn’s hurt and that she thinks Quinn should get on the next plane to Germany. After quickly signing her name and placing the paper under Quinn’s mug Rachel grabs her things and rushes out the door. Instead of leaving the building Rachel hides behind some large boxes to see if Quinn leaves or not. Its not long till she hears a door open and close down the hall and see Quinn rush down the hall towards the stairs while talking on the phone to someone who she suspects is Carole. Its then that Rachel wonders if this may have been Carole’s plan the whole time.

Its nearly a year since Rachel had went and seen Quinn and nearly as long since she had spoke with anyone of their friends. Finn had sent a letter weeks after he had been hurt informing her that he would be home soon and that he was moving to New Haven and that he would be by to pack up his things soon after. She’s not sure when he came and got his things having decided to stay at a friends place a full month just to make sure she wasn’t there when he came by. When she did finally go home she found his note telling her how sorry he was but that his heart belonged to someone else and that he hoped that one day they all could be friends. She wasn’t sure that she made the right decision in letting Finn go till she received a birth notice from Finn and Quinn. At first she left it on her kitchen table unopened however over time curiosity got the best of her till she opened it. It was then as she looked at the photo of Finn holding Quinn from behind while she held a few weeks old Amber Grace Hudson with both of them looking over the innocent Childs face that she knew she had made the right choice. Just the looks on both of their faces told her that she had done the right thing. It wasn’t the glint of gold bands on their fingers but it was the truly happy face that both of them were sporting.

The end
Disclaimer: I do not own any Glee characters, however I do own any Original characters that I come up with and the storyline that I have written. Copyright infringement is not intended I’m mealy borrowing them in order to write a story for the enjoyment of all the Fuinnjas in this world.

Warning: Any and all fans of Finchel, Rachel, and any other Finchel related things should avoid this story as it’s a Major piece of Anti-Finchel Work, It will however slowly get better as the story goes on.

It had been ten years since she had walked the hall’s of William McKinley and a lot of things had changed and not just with herself but to the ones she once called friends. She wishes that she had done things different or at least left on better terms then running off in the middle of the night leaving others to pick up the pieces that she left behind in her wake. But that’s why she was here, she was finally going to set things right and get her friends back.
Well she was also here for the reunion too but who cares about that right now. As she walked the hall’s she noticed a few changes to her old school the biggest being who was the principle, noticing that he was in his office she quietly knocked gaining the attention of the rooms only occupant who quickly waved her in.
“Well if isn’t Rachel Barry”. He exclaimed as he pulled Rachel in for a hug. “How is one of my favorite students doing.” He asked.
“Good but what about you Principle Schuester” Rachel stated pointing around the room. “When did this happen and what happened to Figgins”. she asked.
“Five years you would know that if you had come to the five year reunion like everyone else.” he said giving Rachel a look that she couldn’t read. “As for Figgins he retired last I heard him and his wife are traveling the world.”
“Good for him, as for that reunion I tried to make it I just couldn’t get out of the play I was in at the time.” Rachel lied. “So if you’re the principle now who’s directing the Glee Club.” she asked taking a seat.
“One of my other favorite students…”
“Mr. Schue”. Spoke Santana as she entered the office. “Here’s the Cheerios budget you wanted.” Santana spoke ignoring the fact that Rachel was there in the office.
“Thank you Santana.” he said as he took a quick glance that the paper he was just handed. “Hey why do the Cheerios need seven-hundred dollars for shoes”. He asked as Santana bent down to look at what he was talking about.
“Um I have no idea I let Brit do the budget this month”. Rachel was shocked to say the least here she was just coming back and Santana and Britney were working that the school. “Let me go back an take another look a this when do you need it by.” Santana spoke as she looked at her watch noting how much time she had before she had to go pick up Kevin from preschool.
“Its ok I don’t need it till Fridays board meeting.” he said easing Santana’s mind.
“Ok that will give me time the figure out why Brit wants to buy new shows for the squad.” she said looking at her watch again.
“Its ok take your time I know you need to go pick up Kevin soon.” Will spoke again. “As you can see Rachel is here for the reunion.” Will said finally bring to light that Rachel was still in the room.
“Oh hey man hands here to ruining more life’s.” Was all that Santana said as she left the room.”
“Sorry about that things have been a little rough lately between Santana and Brit”. Will said trying to cover up the real reason of Santana’s hatred.
“No its ok I didn’t expect things to be easy with the way I left things.” Rachel said wave of Santana’s comment.
“I know but still its not all you she mad at.” Will said.
“So who were you going to say took over the Glee club”. Rachel asked bring them back to what they were talking about before Santana came in to the room.
“Oh right, well I continued to do it for about two years after I became principle I thought I was going to have to shut it down when Quinn stepped in and took it over.” Will said pointing to a picture on the wall of Quinn and a very member filled New Directions. “I have to say it was one of the best decision I have ever made they’ve gone all the way to nationals three times in the time that she been the directory. They’ve even won it two years in a row know and there going for win number three in a two weeks.”. Will said as he proudly talked about how well the club had done in the last few years.
“Wow Quinn really I thought she was working on some show in LA.” Rachel said as she thought about how everyone she knew in High School were back and working here.
“Well I wouldn’t say that its just me man hands.” Quinn said as she made her way into the room. “Here’s the Glee budget and ticket information you asked for Mr. Schue. “So Rachel you here for the reunion or are you here to stomp on more hearts.” Quinn asked.
“I…I…I’m here for the reunion.” Rachel stuttered out.
“Good then this also means you’ll be here for a bit so Ill just give you this then”. Quinn said pulling out an envelope and handing it to Rachel.”
“Quinn I don’t think this is a good time to do this.” Will spoke up as Rachel started to open the envelope to look at its contents.
“Divorce papers”. Quinn sneered at Rachel’s words.
“What did you expect it to be puppy dogs and rose’s Rachel, Finn’s been looking for you for the last six years to give you those heck he even hired a private detective to hunt you down but yet no such luck so why don’t you do us all a favor and have your lawyer look over them and then sign them so he can get on with his life.” Quinn said as she stormed out of the room.
“Here”. Will spoke handing Rachel a box of tissues. “Sorry about that I didn’t think she would have the papers with her.”. Rachel just waved it off as she wiped her tears away.
“Its ok I honestly expected this, I just thought I would get them Finn himself.”
“It doesn’t surprise me that Quinn had them, Finn must have giving them to her when he shipped out six months ago.” Will said.
“Shipped out?” Rachel asked.
“Yea he’s station in South Korea right now helping train Korean troops, Quinn’s going to head over there to spend some time with him before she has to come back before she cant travel.” Will said standing up to file some paper work.
“Why wouldn’t she be able to travel”. Rachel asked.
“Quinn will be nearly seven months pregnant by the time she has to come back and the doctors plan to put her on bed rest then so she plans to get back in time to set things up for the baby’s birth, and then there’s the fact that Burt and Carole can only keep Amber so long before she feels like Quinn left her.” Will spoke as he had his back turned to Rachel whose face had the look of shock.
“Wow Quinn’s husband must really love her if he’s willing to let her leave to visit an ex girlfriend.” It was then that Rachel filed in the blanks. “Sh…Sh…She’s with Finn”.
“I’m sorry Rachel but Finn and Quinn have been dating for almost five years now.” Will said as he sat besides Rachel. “ It was a big surprise when they announced that Quinn was pregnant with Amber, non of us knew that they had been seeing one another.” Will handed Rachel more tissues as she learned that the man that she loved and ditched had moved on.
“Wow”. Rachel didn’t know what to say. “How did I wow”.
Will laugh a bit “Yea that was about how we all reacted to the news, but after it set in we understood how it happened.” Will said.
“What happened after I left”. Rachel asked.
“Well after it set in that you had left Finn kind of just stopped…

Writers block sucks

As the tittle says I have writers block and it sucks. I have many stories that I'm writing and I cant do anything with them and its killing me. I need help, I write fics for a lot of other shows besides Glee and I cant seem to do anything with them. I need some fucking help so anyone please help me.

Finding the answers to love again

Title: Finding the answers to love again.
Characters: Finn/Quinn
Warnings: none
Author's notes: none
Summary: And there it was in a diner outside of Lima, Ohio that two former lovers started to reconnect. Even after all the pain that they caused one another there they sat laughing like nothing had happened between them.

Finding the answers to love again

For the most part her summer was going as well as It could be for just having baby the month before. Here she was at 6am on Saturday morning in the park about to start her daily run, her mother had asked a number of times why she only runs at six in morning and as always she uses the same response of that ‘that’s when it’s the coolest’.  But in reality its so she doesn’t have to see the faces of the parents who’ve brought their kids to play in the park, so she doesn’t have to see happiness on there faces as they watch their kids play.  She’s worked hard to get to the point that she would even run through the park and she’s proud to admit that, even if its only to herself. Some times when she’s catching her breath she’ll sit down on a park bench and wonder what it would be like to be there and watch her own daughter play even if it brings her to tears.  In the end when she’s done drying her tears she once again comes to the decision that she did the right thing by giving her daughter up, but even then she knows that come the next Saturday she’ll be right back there all over again.
Most times when she runs she’s the only one in the park which she likes as it gives her time to cry by herself, but today it seems there will be someone else on the running path with her. If it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t want to mess up her exercise routine she would have left.  So she stays and warms up for her run while watching the other person out of the corner of her eye. “You know if you keep staring he’s going to think your checking him out.” whipping around to find the source of the voice, automatically  knowing who was. “Finn what are you doing here and why did you feel the need to scare the hell out of me?” If her look could melt steel Finn would be a puddle at her feet that he knows for sure. “Well if its not that obvious I’m here to go on a run before I head to the gym and I didn’t mean to sneak up on you”. He added to last part to show he wasn’t acting creepy
Rising an eyebrow she asks her next question. “Since when do you get up at six for a run.” She remembers when they were dating she could hardly get him up before noon.
“Since the football team got a new head coach.” He states.
“Wait what happened to Coach Tanaka”.
“Don’t know something about a brake down or something I wasn’t really listening”. He didn’t really care when the school called to inform him of the new coach but when he heard that all the returning starters would have to try out again he it in to high gear to save his spot on the team.
“Really, but that doesn’t answer my question Finn”.
“Well its mainly because whoever the new coach is he wants all the returning starters to try out so he can gage whether we get to keep are spots on the team or not.” It was at this point that Quinn began to worry.
“Wait so he’s kicking every one from the team”. She asked.
“Well no but he wants to see what he’s working with, I mean if you really look at it there’s only a few good players left besides me, Puck, Mike and Matt. And Matt might have to move so that only leaves the three of us. But can we not talk about it took me a week to stop freaking out about it.”
Nodding she replies. “Well I’m sure your spot safe, cause where are they going to find another Quarterback that’s better then you in Lima.” Some how those words coming from Quinn seemed to put his mind at ease.
“You right but still I’m not taking any chances you know.”
“I understand, if there was anyway I could get back on the Cheerios then I would do it.”
“Is that why your running, to get back on the Cheerios”. Finn asked.
“No I’m running to get back what I lost and that was myself, even after all of this I’m still lost.
“Your not lost Quinn, come on if anything you lost that cold hearted bitchy edge that nobody liked.” Sighing Quinn could only nod. “I know that your life got turned upside down and all turned around but you have to admit things did work out in the end, heck look at me after ever thing I didn’t think that I would be able to talk to you let alone forgive you for what you did. But here I am talking to you and I did forgive you even when I don’t fully understand way you did what you did.” For Quinn hearing Finn’s words lifted that worry that she held.
“I’m glad to hear that you can forgive me for what I did and didn’t do. If there’s one thing I could do it would be to go back and do everything different.” Finn nodded allowing Quinn to go on.
“If you want we can sit down talk clear the air and maybe I can tell you why I did it.”
“Uh sure do you want to do it now or later.” Picking up her things she answered.
“Lets do it now if I don’t do it now I don’t think I ever will”.
Grabbing his things he began to walk to his car . “Did you walk or drive”.
“I walked here”.
“Ok I’ll drive then, where do we wanna go.” As if knowing where she wants to go he answers for her. “That diners outside of town.”
“Uh yea sounds good how’d you know that where I wanted to go.” She asks
“Come even after everything I still now more about you then anyone.” She know with out a doubt that he does know more then any one when it comes to her.
“I could say the same for you”. Instead of answering he just nods as he pulls into the parking lot of the diners. “But you all ready know that.”
“Well seeing as we’ve known each other since 8th grade and dated for almost two years I think it’s a little hard to not know everything”.
Opening the door for Quinn they made their way to the end and sat down.
“So I don’t know about you but I’m hungry so I’m going to order”. Quinn said shocking Finn.
“Since when do you eat grease diner food again”. Letting out a slight chuckle at Finn’s confused  face.
“If there’s one good thing about getting pregnant its defiantly the need to eat plus it doesn’t hurt to not have Ms. Sylvester breathing down my neck about my weight.” Nodding Finn answered.
“Uh ok I guess seeing as I’ve never been pregnant I wouldn’t really know”.
“Its kind of nice eating when no one care’s what my weight is, it like a weight has been lifted really”.
“I get that, but Quinn I didn’t care how much you ate I always thought you should’ve eating more but in my eyes your were always beautiful”.
“Finn” Wishing she could say she didn’t blush would be an understatement.
“What its true in my eyes you were are beautiful”. Finn said while taking Quinn’s hand in his.
“Still you shouldn’t say that to someone who’s not your girlfriend.”
“I know but it’s the truth you may not be my girlfriend but I still care about you”.
“I know I’ve asked you this before but how can you talk to me after what happened between us”. Sighing Finn tried to find the words he wanted to use. “Its ok if you don’t want to answer.”
“No I’m just trying to find the right words to explain this. At first I wanted to hate you so much but for some reason I couldn’t and I didn’t know why at first.” taking a breath he continued “But once I talked to my mom she made me think about the reasons why you lied to me and in the end I decided that I couldn’t be mad at you when I didn’t know the whole story.” Finn stopped when the waitress came up to the table.
“Hello sorry for the long wait what can I get you both to drink”.
“Uh I’ll have a water”
“How bout you hun.” she asked Quinn.
“Um I’ll have an orange juice”
“Do you know what you want your do you need a little more time” the waitress asked
“Um yea” Finn answered.
“Ok ill go get your drinks then”. with that she walked off to get their drinks.
They both took a few second to glance over the menu before resuming there talk.
“So you decided that because you didn’t know the whole story you couldn’t be mad.” Quinn asked.
“In a nut shell yes, I won’t say that I wasn’t angry cause I was be I was more angry with myself then with you. Then as time went on and the more time I had to think I just decided to hear what you had to say.” Quinn sighed
“I guess I should tell you what happened that night”. sighing again she went on. “ It was the night that you did Push it for some reason I was feeling insecure and fat and you were out celebrating with the Glee club so I called the one person who would tell me I wasn’t fat and that was Puck. He brought out some wine coolers and it just went on from there. The next morning I woke up naked and alone so I did the only thing that I could think of I left and forgot that it ever happened. It was a month latter that when I was late that I remember what happened and by this put me and you were doing a lot better in the relationship area that I didn’t want to lose you.  After some long and hard freak out I decided that in the end you would stand by me that you would be a better father then Puck so that’s what I did I told you that you were the father and that was that.” All Finn could do was nod as he tried to find the words to answer what she was saying.
“Believe it or not its good to here you say that but why would I have been a better father, I mean look at me I never really had a father figure in my life”.
“That’s why, I knew that you would do everything in your power to help me raise the baby just so you could raise a child that had a father in its life.” Quinn said taking his hand in hers “That’s why I chose you, as hard as Puck wanted to try to be a good Father I knew that he would have to grow up and that’s just not Puck’s nature but you had to grow up quicker because you didn’t have a father”. She didn’t know why but she had started crying but for some reason she was.
“Quinn why are you crying”
“Wish I knew”. Not knowing what else Finn placed his hands on her face wiping at her tears way. “Finn you don’t have to do that.”
“Its ok I don’t mind”. and In all honesty he didn’t care.
“Ok here we go one water and one orange juice have you had time to look over the menu”.
“Uh yea ill have the pancake breakfast with a side of toast”.
“K and for you dear”.
“I’ll have the pancake breakfast as well.”. Quinn says handing the waitress her menu.
“When did you start eating pancakes last I checked to hated them.” Finn asks.
“It started a day after I had the baby, seeing as I wasn’t keeping her they let me go as soon as it was safe to do so. My mom got up early to pick me up so we went by an Ihop on the way home so she could eat, somewhere along the way I wound up with a plate of pancakes in front of me and for some reason I started eating them and here we are today.” Quinn answered
“Getting back to what you were saying before I want to ask a question and I want you to answer honestly”. He said once again taking her hands in his.
“Ask a way.” She replied
“Would you have kept the baby if It was truly mine”.  This question had been nagging at him since he found out that he wasn’t the baby’s Father.
Quietly Quinn began to answer. “Honestly yea I would have kept her, god you don’t know how much I wanted to keep her and raise her with you.”
“Ok that’s all I wanted that’s all I really wanted, now I can truly forgive you.” Sighing he took her hand and placed a kiss on it trying to say with out words that she was forgiving.
Closing her eyes and finally letting out all the pain she had held for so long it was like she could finally rest she now knew that when she went home tonight she would for the first time in a month sleep with out crying herself to sleep. With really no reason at all Finn leans forward and places a kiss on her lips, a kiss that means nothing more and nothing less then an I love you.
“Wh Why did you kiss me”.
“I really couldn’t tell you other then it was sort of an I love you.”
“I Love you too but I thought that you were dating Rachel”.
“Yea I was but that only lasted three weeks”. Shocked was all Quinn could think about.
“What but I thought you and Rachel really liked one another?”
“So did I but for some reasons every time we went out on a date it always ended with us getting in a fight over something, heck sometimes I didn’t even know what we were fighting about. Then one night a week ago we had enough so we ended it before we really started to hate one another.”
“Really wow I thought you guys would make it through the summer at least”. Nodding Finn answered. “Yea so did I but I don’t know it was like once we got together the things we had in common seemed to be less and less so we ended it and Rachel went off to some arts camp in New York and I stayed here and got a new job and started to work out more when we learned that we were getting the new coach.
“You got a new job where at?” she asked.
“I work part time at Burt’s auto shop on the weekends, I don’t get paid much but I gives me some spending money plus He’s helping me fix up my dads old truck so it some what works now.”
“That’s great Finn good for you.” To her it seemed that even with His and Rachel’s brake up hadn’t hurt him to bad.
“Yea its good its hard sometimes but its good, plus side is now I have a car that runs so I don’t have to ask my mom to borrow the car when I need to go out and do stuff. What about you anything new going on in you life.”
“Not much other then moving back in with my mother and helping her pack up dads things. Other then that I spend most of my days by the pool board out of my mind.”
“Wow it seems you could really use some one to hang out with.
Nodding she answered. “Yea but I’ve gotten close with my mom again so its got its advantages.”
“I bet but if you ever need to get out of the house feel free to call me I seem to be playing video games all the time that drive my mom nuts.” Finn added
“Ok here we go two Pancake breakfast’s, do you need any thing else”. The Waitress asked.
“Nope I think were good.”
“Ok if you need anything fill free to yell out for me.” the Waitress said before walking off.
“Um Quinn before we start eating can I ask you another question”.
Placing her fork down Quinn nodded. “I’ve got tickets to a concert this weekend and Burt’s letting me off early to go see it, would you maybe want to go with me?” He aksed.
“Are you asking me out on a date Finn?” She asked.
“Well not really i figured we could go as two good friends who are trying to reconnect.”
“Ok then it’s a date”. She answered back.
“Ok”. he replied before digging in to his plate.

And there it was in a diner outside of Lima, Ohio that two former lovers started to reconnect. Even after all the pain that they caused one another there they sat laughing like nothing had happened between them. And this is where the real story begins.

The End.


There’s always hope

Title: There’s always hope
Characters: Finn/Quinn
Warnings: none
Author's notes: none
Summary: Hope that's all she needed it's all she really wanted just the little hope that maybe in the future that there would be just a chance. A chance for her and the one guy she loved, might get back what she helped lose.

There’s always hope.

He had been standing in front of the emergency room door for over an hour trying to will himself to go in and she her. This whole day had been long hard one with blood sweat and tears from the whole group and it was finally over. Sure they had lost and Glee club would have to disband but it still had been fun in the end plus it looked like Rachel and him would have a chance.  But even then here he was in front of the building that held the only girl he had ever loved. He was only interrupted from his thoughts by Mrs. Fabray stepping out of the hospital.
“Finn what a surprise you’re the last person I would expect after ever thing.” He’d second that if he had to guts to say it out loud.
“Uh yea I figured I would stop by and say hi plus I need to ask Puck if he needs a ride back to Lima.” Mrs. Fabray only nodded before speaking.
“Ok she’s on the third floor in room 234 and Puck last time I had seen him he was hitting on a nurse at the nurses station.”.  If Puck could she Mrs. Fabray’s he would surly hit the floor.
“Thanks Mrs. Fabray” With a smile and a nod she went on her way only to turn back. “Finn how is that after everything that’s happened you still seem to care.” Good question he thought.
“I really couldn’t tell you cause I don’t know why I care so much maybe’s its that fact that I loved Quinn” Still do believe it out or not but he wasn’t about to say that out loud. It seemed that was enough for Mrs. Fabray though as she went on.
“I knew there was a reason I liked you better then Puck”. Ha this made him smile even she thought he was a better person then Puck.
“You don’t know how much better that makes me feel to hear you say that.”
“I’m just being honest” with that she walked to here car and drove off.
Taking a deep breath he made his way through the door to the elevators making a mental note to stop by the nursery before he went in to she Quinn.

There she was, there was no mistaking it He could see it in the little girls face that she was part Quinn. Sighing he wasn’t go to do this he was going to be happy for Quinn and leave it at that. Putting on a smile he made his way to room 234 and to Quinn.
Quietly knocking just incase Quinn was sleeping. When he heard to quite reply he opened the door and picked his head in. “Hey you up for a visitor”.
“Uh yea come in Finn”. Quinn replied sitting up in bed. “ You are to last person I expected” this made a chuckle escape from Finn’s mouth “What’s so funny” Quinn had to ask.
“Uh your mom said the same thing when we passed on my way up here”. He said answering her question.
“Oh well you know what they say great minds think alike, but really its nice to see you here.” she replied. She had secretly been wishing we would come.
“I uh went by the nursery on my way in and I have to say she looks just like you” he said taking a seat beside the bed. “Uh where’s Puck” He asked.
“Oh I’m not sure and I really don’t care to know.” she answered getting straight to the point.
“What he do this time”? he asked.
“Ugh what he always does hit on the nurse right after I gave birth to his child” from Finn’s face she knew she hit a sore spot “Sorry I didn’t mean to..”
“Its ok I know you meant no harm” he said trying to put her mind at ease.
“Still I’m sorry I know this whole things a mess and its not fair to you.” She meant it she really did.
Before the awkward silence set in he spoke. “Anyway how are you feeling”
“Good sore tired twenty pounds lighter” she said trying to lighten the mood.
“I bet” only after he said it did he really understand what he said “I mean not that you were fat or any..” Quinn cut him off to save him from making it any worse.
“Finn its ok I got it, its ok.” Sighing why was it awkward well other then the fact that just a few hours ago she had his best friends baby. Trying any thing to make the awkwardness go a way “So did whe win” Finn just smiled sadly “ We lost didn’t we.”
“We finished third Vocal Adrenaline won.” Damn she thought this was it the end of the road.
“No more Glee club then huh even after giving birth this still sucks.”
“Yea I think Glee club was the best thing to happen to all of us.”
“I may not have said it much to anyone really but yea it was the best thing that happened to me this year.” Things began to lighten up after that with the two talking till visiting hours were over.
“Well I guess I should get going I’ve got the long drive back to Lima so yea.” He said standing.
“Finn before you go can you answer me one question” after his nod she continued “If…if things ever get back to being normal or Simi normal do you think we could ever I don’t know ever maybe get another chance.” This he didn’t expect but he already had an answer for her” I don’t know I’m with Rachel now” at the sad look on her face he went on “but that isn’t to say that maybe in the future if we’re ever single or what ever that we could maybe try again I know that I wouldn’t see a problem with it.” He finished
“Do you mean that” she asked then went on “Believe it or not I still love you even if I have a pretty shitty way of showing it.” This was it this was the moment that would either reinforce her hope in them or totally take it from her. Finn could see the hope in her eyes and the fact that this hope was on the edge of being shattered. So in doing the only thing he could he answered
“Yea yea I do but”
“There’s always a but isn’t there” she said tearing up.
“I would say it’s a good but though” sighing he went on “ I think if we were to ever get back together a lot of things would have to happen first the first being me forgiving you for what you did as bad as it sounds I haven’t forgiving you yet but I’m getting there.”
“Ok I get that but there things you should know like why I did it.”
“Its ok I wanna hear all of this but just not right now, I need time”. she understood that.
“Ok then can we maybe get together some time over the summer and just talk get everything out in the open.” She asked with hope in her voice.
“Id like that but I really want to give Rachel a chance.” She nodded
“I understand but if anything I would like to be friends can we do that at least” She couldn’t believe it here she was begging no pleading for a chance.
“Yea I would really like that, now I need to get on the road get some rest and take care of yourself Quinn.” and with that he was out the door and on his way, but she was there smiling like a child on Christmas.  It was that smile that her mother would see when she came back and when her mother asked her what she was smiling about there was only one answer she could give.
“Their’s always hope”.

Hope that’s all she needed it’s all she really wanted just the little hope that maybe in the future that there would be just a chance. A chance for her and the one guy she loved might get back what she helped lose.

The End